Green LifeXpo


What's new?
GreenLifeXpo, the energy exposition, has retired and in its place emerges GreenLifeXpo Sustainability.  Those of us involved with GreenLifeXpo for so many years felt we should expand from individual and families to businesses, organizations and governments.  We will now focus on economic, environmental and social strategies that can help our communities and county cultivate sustainability.  The resulting goal is improved and happier lives that attract and sustain residents now and in the future.  We have long partnered with the University of Wisconsin Extension-Jackson County and the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce and now we welcome Western Technical College, The Sustainability Institute and 7 Rivers Alliance to aid in bringing about this change.

We have patterned the new GreenLifeXpo Sustainability initiative after The Sustainability Institute of La Crosse, WI.  We feel that by doing this, we will be following a proven success model that will best serve Jackson County's businesses and organizations.

Our mission...
​GreenLifeXpo Sustainability, with help from our partners, provides 'businesses, government and society' of Jackson County an opportunity to formulate and support 'leadership, coordinatio and education for the 3 dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.' Together we are committed to providing sustainability education and programs so the county's businesses, organizations and communities develop sustainability strategies to enrich everyone's lives.

  1. Leaders meet to discuss current sustainble practices and ways to expand their sustainability economically, environmentally and socially.
  2. Provide speakers to expand knowledge of sustainability methods that are reasonable and economical.
  3. Introduce programs that support future efforts such as MPower, 7 Rivers Alliance, Travel Green Wisconsin and Jackson In Action.
Jackson County Leaders (business, manufacturers, health, education, government), communities, family, organizations, agencies.

Lee Rasch, Sustainability Institute Director
Casey Meehan, Western Technical College
Chris Hardie, 7 Rivers Alliance Director
Monica Lobenstein, UW-Extension Jackson Co.
Amanda Gunn, Black River Area Chamber of Commerce Director